7 Traditional Wedding Vows | Happy Married Life

Marriage is a union of two souls. Marriage is a sacred bond that combines two people into one. Where I and you don't exist, where only we are.

You all are warm welcome in new post of Relationship Tips.  Today we will discuss about 7 Traditional Marriage Vows. Meaning of all Relationship Vows, What are Wedding Vows and Happy Married Life?

7 Traditional Wedding Vows | Happy Married Life
Happy Married Life

Happy Married Life

We humans are very strange too, pay attention to big things but forget small things. Have to do very expensive weddings, show the world, have a big house, have to travel around the world for a honeymoon, but forget to pay attention to each other's little things.

Yes, okay, we do everything, but what is the benefit of all those who, despite doing everything, could not bring a smile on the face of their life partner, who could not be happy.

Marriage is not a single day festival. Marriage is a vow to live together all the life, to stand with each other all the life and to give love to each other, to make each other special.

7 Traditional Wedding Vows in a Relationship 

7 vows are taken in marriage, although these 7 Promises girls ask for a boy, but in reality all these promises are for both.

Vow 1. Involvement in every thing

The first promise of marriage is that the beginning of every work of life, every good and welfare work will be started simultaneously.

It is not necessary to involve your life partner only when we are going to do something big. In every little thing, in every little pleasure, both partners should celebrate together and start together.

Till two people are not moving forward together, they are going in different direction, then how can they both reach the same destination?

Vow 2. Respect 

The second promise of marriage is that both will respect each other's parents and will never cross their limits.

Unless two people respect each other's family, where will the love come from in their hearts? We hear so many things that after marriage, the girl is told a lot wrong for her parents, she is shown to be inferior.

Now, where will the respect come from in her heart, for her husband, for her family? Till we do not pay respect to anyone, then how will we get respect?

So it is very important in the husband and wife to respect each other's family.

Vow  3. Never Leave each other

The third vow of marriage is that till the last moment of life, the two will never leave each other and both will stand together in every happiness and sorrow of life.

Nowadays, such a time has come that if there is a problem in life, then it would have come to the Divorce. Who plays this oath?

But marriage means that no matter how difficult the time may be, we will never leave each other's hands and each other's company.

7 Traditional Wedding Vows | Happy Married Life
Love is composed of a single
soul inhabiting two bodies

Vow 4. Responsibilities

The fourth promise of marriage is that, together they will take up the responsibilities of the house, together they will take care of the house.

If the husband and wife both can earn money, and if the husband and wife can both do household work. There is no small - big in a husband wife, when both are same then who is small and who is big.

When we are making someone small or big, we are separating them from ourselves. But when both are united, then what is small and what is big.

If both do all the work together then both our marriage and our life will be successful.

Vow 5. Support each other Opinion

5 vows of marriage, both spouses will definitely ask each other before taking any major financial decision.

When both of our lives depend on each other, how can we take a financial decision alone? Whether it is related to business, whether it is related to property or whether it is related to a big expenditure, both spouses should take a big financial decision only by asking each other.

Vow 6. Never Insult each Other

The sixth word of marriage is that the two will never insult each other and especially in front of other people, they will never do it by mistake.

Respect and Honor is something that fills a lot of love between the husband and wife. If there is no response then love will not be found there.

Love will continue to grow in our lives only when we respect each other.

Vow 7. No Interference other people

The seventh promise of marriage is that the two spouses will never let any third woman or man come between their relationships and consider each other everything.

When a third woman or man comes in front of her husband's wife, then there is a rift in that relationship, doubt comes and often those relationships are broken.

We may have some deep friends before marriage, but when we marry, we have some limits. If we cross those limits, then our relationship with them also cracks and sometimes our relationship is broken.

What is the Meaning of Marriage

These 7 vows are thousands of years old, but today they are equally useful, as important as life. Marriage does not mean to give someone a big house, or to get expensive jewellery, or to get expensive clothes, or to buy things from all over the world or to bring them around the world.

Yes, all this should be done well, but with this we cannot win over anyone's heart. We win someone's heart, when we pay attention to his / her small things, we pay attention to his / her small grief, his / her small happiness.

When we pay attention to what he / she likes, what hurts him, what is his happiness and what is his pain? When we understand these simple things and try to give every little pleasure to that person, then we win the heart of that person.

True Marriage Meaning

It is a misconception that if we are married to someone, then we have won her heart. No, the heart is the one thing that we have to win every single day, win all our lives. Every day our life partner has to make a special feel that he / she is so special in our life, how much we love him.

It is such an easy thing that we should express our love every day, speak loving words to each other, but there will be hardly any couple who will express themselves with every life partner.

Although it is a small and easy thing, we still do not pay attention to it. Because it is a small thing, it is not noticed. If we want to fill our marriage with love and happiness, then we should also pay attention to each other's small things along with big things.

7 Traditional Wedding Vows | Happy Married Life
Respect Each Other

Whether it is caring for each other, respecting, loving, supporting each other, smiling at each other's face. If every wife, every loving person in the world, we all should try that we should bring happiness on each other's face, smile.

We should always be engaged in this endeavor to bring happiness on its face, how to bring joy to its face. If someone has learned so much, then there can be no other person in the world happier than that person.


It was said in a survey that the happiest people in the world are those whose relationship is successful, who are successful in their love in their marriage. And love and marriage are considered successful by those who give pleasure to each other, who give attention to each other, who give each other unconditionally love, who understand each other.

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