How to Love Yourself? Self Love Quotes, Love Myself

We have told you many times that when no one values ​​you, does not understand you, does not appreciate you, then you should love yourself. But someone asked us how to love ourselves.

Hey Guys! What's up? In today's time we have gone astray, we do not know what to do? We have forgotten the meaning of real life and we are all cutting our lives in vain. We know to live life but have forgotten how we have been happy in ourselves. 

Love yourself instead of
Abusing Yourself
Self Love Quotes

So friends today we will talk in this post about How to Love Yourself? We will learn about Love Myself,  how to start love yourself and also Self Love Quotes.

 Self Love

To love yourself means that you are enough for yourself. Do not need any other human being, anything else for your happiness. But that will happen when you value yourself, you will understand your own value.

Nowadays, every person searches his happiness in others, searches outside. All these companies, all marketing, we have been learning that if we use their products, then people will notice us.

If we use this phone, the world will see us, if we do it, the world will continue to see us. If we wear such clothes, everyone will be attracted towards us.

Problems by Marketing

All these companies, all these brands are giving us the wrong message and we get caught up in it. And this message is that we are not enough, we are not enough for ourselves.

All these marketing has given a very dirty message to all of us. They have taught us that if we want to be happy, we need products. If we want to get love, attract people, then it is not enough for us.

These things take us away from ourselves. This society, our friends, this world we have been learning that whatever we are, we are not enough for ourselves.

We adopt all the things outside, in order to attract the attention of the people, to hear their praise from the people. We do not know what we do, to hear our praise from other people. 

Life Trap

All these compliments are a huge trap. The web of praise is so dangerous that we do not recognize ourselves and others. Friend and enemy are not recognized, right and wrong cannot be identified because we enjoy listening to the praise even if it is wrong.

And the person who tells us our shortcomings, tells us our evils, that person feels bad to us even if that person is good. We have to understand all these things because we have gone too far by ourselves.

How to Love Yourself? Self Love Quotes, Love Myself
It's not your job to like me,
it's mine
Self Love Quotes

We have everything but we are not with ourselves.

 Who are You?

Have we ever thought who are we? We never asked ourselves, Who are we? Leaving our name, our family, our religion, our profession, our qualification all this, we never asked ourselves, who are we? 

Can we describe ourselves in one word?

You all must also write in the comment and tell them, after all, who are you? In a word your own actual definition. We also know how much you understand yourself. How close are you to yourself, how far are you from yourselves?

Nowadays we have news of others but we do not have news of ourselves.

You must also write in the comment and tell who you are in one word. We do not want your name, not your work nor any degree. You just tell who you are?

Who are you from inside, what is your personality, what is your existence? Comment by describing it in one word. And that one word is your real identity.

How to love yourself?

Loving yourselves does not mean that we keep taking selfies all day, uploading our own photos on Social Medias, and keep showing the world.

Wherever some other thing is added for our happiness, if a human being is connected then it cannot be self-love. If we read books, we will get many things for self-love.

If we stop doing all the things that hurt us no matter how much we like it, and start loving ourselves then no one will hurt us.

And the thing that makes us happy, the thing that we forget by doing, in which we drown ourselves, in which we get lost in ourselves, we should not leave it at any cost. Whether in that thing, someone will support us or not.

Understand Yourself by Self Love

Self-love only means that we are enough for ourselves. We could enjoy ourselves together for hours. We don't need anything else.

But for this it is necessary to meditate by sitting in a quiet place alone, so that we can understand ourselves.

How to Love Yourself? Self Love Quotes, Love Myself
Don't ignore your potential
Love Yourself

We have to understand what is going on inside our mind. We have to connect ourselves to ourselves.

We love the same thing, we love the same person with whom we connect with the mind, our heart, our soul. We can never love the person with whom we are not connected with the heart.

The same thing applies to us.

Love Our-self

When we connect with ourselves with our heart, connect with our soul, connect with our mind, then we are enough for ourselves. So we don't need anyone else to be happy.

We don't need anyone else to take our decision. Yes, we believe that we need someone to guide us, but the final decision is ours.

Do you know why we fail in love because we do not love ourselves?

How can a person who does not love himself love the other? What we consider to be love is not love at all. It is fascination, attraction.

We know that our feelings are not bad and we want that person from our heart. But true love will come out only when we love ourselves.

When we will be able to connect with ourselves, when we love ourselves, only then we will be able to fill love in another human life.

No one in the world can hurt anyone who has learned to love themselves, no one can stop them.

Health Care

We do not take care of our health and become very careless. We all know what to eat and what not to eat. Still we are not able to handle ourselves because we do not love ourselves.

We keep damaging ourselves, eating anything, doing anything, no matter how we live, there is no self-discipline.

Our life is not organized. Life is just going on, life is being cut. If you too are cutting your life, if you are not living life, it means that you do not love yourself.

This means that we do not love ourselves. Most important is happiness of our mind, do not be sad. And to take care of myself is to love myself.

 Learn to Love Yourself

  • So keep doing the thing that gives happiness to our mind and stop doing whatever is causing our mind sorrow. No matter how much we like it, no matter what kind of person we love. We have to remove it from ourselves because these things are bothering us again and again.

  • The second thing is that we must take care of our body. No matter how much we like to eat, but if that thing is not good for our body, then we have to generate the strength to avoid it, and to increase our understanding.

How to Love Yourself? Self Love Quotes, Love Myself
Self Love is all about
Self Acceptance!
  • And the third thing must be spending time with yourself. Whether through meditation, whether through self-affirmation, whether by reading good positive books, or whether try to understand yourself by sitting empty.


If we will do these three things in our life, then no one in the world has the strength to hurt us, to make us cry, to make us sad.

The only meaning of loving yourself is that you are so strong inside that you do not need any person from outside, who can give you happiness that you can enjoy, because you are full of love from within.

Thank-you so much friends to pay so much attention to learn How to Love Yourself? Love Myself, Self Love Quotes.  Hope you learned things of Motivational Tips.

And guys must do a comment and tell us who are you in one word. 

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