How to control Anger in Relationship? Anger Management

Many people say that we get angry a lot. Many times think not to get angry, but every time they fail. We also eat vows that we will never be angry now, but still very angry. Anger is something that can poison even in the most loving relationship. Anger first fills poison in our minds, then poisons in our lives, and finally poisons all over our world.

How to control Anger in Relationship? Anger Management
Anger Management

Welcome you all my readers! We all are human beings and anger is in our veins and it is a human nature.  
But the person who can control his anger and anxiety is called a gentleman. In this age of today, where we see humans, all find unhappy, all show their anger on each other as if it is our rightful birth. Let us assume that our human nature is like this, but the responsibility to control it is not that of nature, it is our responsibility.

So friends, in this post today we will know how to control anger, stress, Anxiety in a relationship? What are the anger issues, and how to manage short temper? and also What is Anger Management?

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion of human being that can be dangerous for anyone. It can easily ruin relationship, life, mental power, etc. 

A person who is angry remains unhappy even before anger, finds anger even when he is angry and remains sad even after anger. Doing the thought once, whenever we were angry, did we ever get happiness, comfort, and peace?

Will we allow anyone else to be angry with us, that he can tell us whatever he wants and can speak as he wants? No person can like the anger of anyone. So why would anyone accept our anger? Why would he like our anger?

A story for Anger Management

Once, a person went to his Guru Ji and said to his Guru that I feel very angry and because of that anger everyone in my house is upset with me. And because of that anger, I too have remorse and repentance, I could not see the sight of people. I speak such words in anger, which cannot be returned later.

We have to remember one thing, whatever words we say in anger, we may get their apology but the rest never forget those things. So we have to remember that whatever we say in anger, we will have to face those words throughout our life.

Ways to control Anger

So he said to his guru that I am upset. I try hard but I do not lose my habit of anger. Then Guru Ji said that whenever you get angry, then remember one thing that I will do angry but tomorrow. I will not do it today. Whenever you get angry then just keep in mind that I will definitely do anger but not today. So after hearing this he said that this will calm my anger only a little.

I will get angry the next day too. Then Guru Ji said that once you do this, look at it.

He went home and then he got angry on something, but he remembered his Guru. I will get angry but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a distant thing; after a while, his anger subsided.

How to control Anger in Relationship? Anger Management
Anger, a poison
How to control it?

Anger is like a smoke, like a cloud which after a while goes ahead again. Just for a while, we have to wear that sobriety, just for a while we have to control it. But we cannot tolerate things.

Many people say that we do not get angry but people make us angry. Are we T.V? Whoever pressed any button of the remote, we started giving programs accordingly.

Why are we so light these days? It has become so easy to make anyone angry. And why is it so difficult to make anyone happy? Because this is our dirty habit.

We put the blame of every bad thing on someone else. Because of that. If it is not there will be someone else. We want the whole world to run according to us, people from all over the world follow us so that we do not get angry.

Everything in the world should change, every rule of the world should be changed, so that we do not get angry. But after changing all this, we will still get angry. Because the anger is really inside us. Other people serve only as a source to take out our anger.

How to Reduce Anger, Anxiety?

We have kept anger all within us, but the need is to identify ourselves, to know ourselves. Like that person, Guru ji said to do anger tomorrow, only a little restraint and then the anger disappeared.

Many people say that anger cannot be controlled. Anger is not the only thing that stops when it comes. Then it is not seen who is small and who is big.

But we all see. We are angry at someone who is weaker than us, who is younger than us. We never need to be angry with our boss, nor have we ever tried to get angry with a wrestler who is more in power than us.

We only anger at the weak. The person who is bigger in strength than us, bigger in position, bigger in power, no matter how wrong he may be with us. There is no anger there, because we know that we will suffer loss here.

It means that we are angry with the choice as to who to do or not to do with whom. This implies that anger is our choice.

If we want to get angry, or if we want, we can stop that anger. But we are not able to get angry with someone who is greater in power than us, and we show our power over those who are weaker than us.

How to manage Anger in Relationship

Many times we have also seen that some people get angry and resort to violence. Many husbands raise their hands on their wives. This is a very wrong thing.

How can a man be said to commit violence on his own family? Our prayer is to all the mothers and sisters that you should also oppose violence in your life. Do not bear in silence. When this happens to you for the first time, it should be stopped at that time.

Do not let this become a habit. You have to be your own power. We hear many things, many mothers and sisters are also tortured. You should not sit waiting that someone will come to protect you.

Before this you have to learn to protect yourself. You will have to protest at the first time that no, we will not bear this thing. We cannot tolerate violence.

We have all heard stories like this, how much pain is there in them, which cannot be said with words. After all, how can people be so cruel. You have to resist it. Do not bear it

How to control Anger in Relationship? Anger Management
Biggest Enemy of Human,

Story of a Family, Anger Issues

Anger is a fire that burns the whole world, not just the one who rages, burns his entire family. Living with anger is like living in real hell.

In a house, a mother-in-law was very angry with her daughter-in-law. Poor thing, she used to bear everything in silence. But she started to be very upset and sad, and wondered how long I would bear so much torture.

When will these things end? One day a Mahatma came to his city. She told the whole thing to the Mahatma. Then Mahatma said that when your mother-in-law gets angry then you record their voice.

And whenever she started getting angry the second time, you should run that recording in front of him at that time. She is right.

Then she did the same. As soon as her mother-in-law got angry, she did all the recordings. And then for the second time, as soon as her mother-in-law started to get angry, she played the recording.

Hearing that voice, her mother-in-law felt very strange. Then she asked her daughter-in-law, who is this? Who is speaking such a dirty voice, such dirty words? Whose voice is this? There are so many dirty words, my ears are piercing.

Who is this, why are you listening to me? His daughter-in-law said that this is your voice and all these words are also yours. When her mother-in-law listened to the entire recording, she was very sorry. That such a dirty voice, so bad words come out of my mouth.

She realized his mistake that day.

Relationship tips, Anger Management for Kids

Whatever the relationship may be, the mother-in-law's daughter-in-law, husband and wife face a great deal of anger. People are not able to be happy there. Then people say that we have not said anything to anyone else.

Should we allow anyone to say whatever he wants to us, even children should stop speaking. No.

God has given us discretion, we have to understand what is being talked about. Actually, this is for people whose life is filled with poison due to anger.

How to control Anger in Relationship? Anger Management
Be Relax, Be Calm,
Control Anger

If any of our children go on the wrong way, it is our duty to explain them. There is no harm in looking angry from above for the benefit of someone. Anger and indignity are both different things.

We got angry and said something, but that thing got bad, but indignity is such a fire that we burn even before indignity, even while doing indignity and even after doing indignity.

Those things keep going in our mind. So we have to improve those things. It does not matter if we have to be a little angry for ourselves, our family, a little wrong.

If we speak, then it ends. But we should not keep those things in the heart. Don't make him a fire of anger. Will have to go ahead by speaking the words. Neither can we bear anyone's anger nor will anyone like to bear our wrath.


So why have we put this poison in our lives. And the more we get this disease, the more this disease will spread. Then we will hurt our own heart, we will also hurt our family members, we will fall in our own eyes and we will fall in our eyes.

So we have to leave this disease. Whenever you get angry remember that you will not do it tomorrow. Just a little restrain will calm the fire of our anger. We have to learn to be a little restrained, a little will have to learn to ride our lives.

Hope friends you loved this post of Motivational Speech on How to control anger, Stress, Anxiety in a relationship, anger issues, Anger Management?

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