How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech

Human mind is a complicated puzzle, thousands of thoughts keep going in human mind. Mind is man's greatest friend and mind is man's worst enemy. 


Hey Dear Readers! Hello! Today we came with a new topic on How to control your Mind?  How can we control our mind easily?  You are warm welcome in Motivational Speech Post of Loneliness Partner.  In this post we will learn some easy tips to control mind and will get Peace of Mind.

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How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech
How to get Success, Peace, Joy in Life?

  Control Mind, Mental Peace

In reality, the mind is made for our service, for our happiness, so that by using the mind, we can achieve success, peace, joy in life, and all kinds of praise.

But the work of the mind is going upside down. Mind does not work according to us, we have started walking according to our mind. In reality the mind is our servant, but by obeying everything in the mind, we have become slaves of the mind.

We have become the servants of the mind. We want to do a lot in life, but say, we do not feel like it. It is said that:

  • I do not feel like studying, 
  • I do not feel like working,
  • I want to get up early in the morning but I do not want to change my life-style.

The mind that we should control in our own way, we should give it order, that mind commands us, and our mind keeps us under control.
How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech
How to make a beautiful Mind?
How to control thoughts?

A beautiful Mind, Peace of Mind

Can we ever dream of such a shop, of such a company, of a house where the orders of the servant are running, not the orders of the owner?   Where the servant does not follow the owner, the owner has to follow the servant. 

We cannot do such a mistake by forgetting whether that house, that shop, that company will never run well, never succeed.

Nowadays, millions of people have this problem of all of us, everything is there in life but there is no peace of mind in life. Our mind is very disturbed. Nowadays we have all kinds of material, but we cannot sleep better at night.

All night is spent worrying, and can't stop worrying, the mind is very restless. Because this mind has taken all of us in its control.

Happiness in Life!

How to stop Intrusive Thoughts in Mind?

Until this mind comes into our control, there can never be happiness in our mind nor peace in our life. "Speed" is the biggest reason for disturbance in the mind. When our thoughts speed up our mind, then our mind cannot remain calm. Whether the idea is of happiness or of sadness.

We feel that our mind is disturbed just because of sorrows, but we never noticed that even when we are very happy, we do not sleep, and still get restless. 

Speed ​​takes away our peace of mind. The mind and thoughts race is the disturbance of our mind, and the stagnation of thoughts is the peace of our mind.

That is why the great people say that if we want peace, then we will have to calm down. That is, we have to calm ourselves first and then peace of mind and life will follow us. When there is a fast pace in our thoughts about something, it causes tension in our mind, it creates tension.

When tension comes in our mind, it causes anxiety, and restlessness in our mind. And if we want to stop this whole cycle, then with any thought we should not attach so much to our mind that the speed of thoughts power becomes very fast.
Because a running mind can never calm down.

 Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita sloka

In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asked Lord Shri Krishna

Chanchalam hi manah Krishna pramathi balavaddriddham |
Tasyaham nigramam manye vayoriv sudushkaram ||

How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech
Bhagvat Gita Shloka, Arjuna asked to Lord Shri Krishna
Arjun says that the knowledge, yoga, and the things that you tell about the soul are very good, I also like to listen. But what should I do, this mind is very fickle and very strong. As it is impossible to stop the movement of air, I find it very difficult to stop the movement of the mind.

Arjuna, a brave warrior, whose power and strength frightens humans as well as gods, is saying that this mind is not in control of me.

It is very powerful, its speed is very fast. As we told you all earlier, what is the reason for disturbance of mind, fast pace of mind, till the speed of this mind does not slow down, then we all can never be silent?

Hearing these things, Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna,

Asanshee Mahabaho Mano Dunnigraham Chalam |
Abhyasen tu kaanteya vairagyen ch gruhayate ||

How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech
Srimad Bhagavad Gita Sloka

How to Control Mind, Stop Thoughts in Mind?

Shri Krishna said to Arjuna, yes! You are rightly speaking, this mind is really fickle, and comes under control with great difficulty. But Kunti's son Arjun! This mind can be controlled through constant practice and stoicism (वैराग्य).

Then Arjun asks to God, what practice and quietness / stoicism you are talking about. Practice means keep practicing, i.e. we all have to practice continuously.

By Practicing!

So far it has happened that the mind has driven us all on its own, and if we have to control our mind, then we have to refuse to obey every order of our mind. And it has to be practiced continuously.

Some of us practice and we go on our own for a few days, but after a few days this practice gets rid of us and then all the things are done as before, that is, we will again be in control of the mind.

And at the same time our old disturbance comes back. That is why we have to practice continuously so that the mind can come under our control, not that we will be in control of the mind.

How to control Mind | Peace of Mind, Motivational speech
Attachment means Melody,
Detachment means Peace of Mind, Success, Happiness!

By Detachment, by Stoicism, a Quiet Place!

And the other thing is, stoicism! It does not mean stoicism (वैराग्य) that we leave our house and run away into the forest, renunciation / a quiet place / stoicism means detachment. Whatever thought is causing our disturbance, we have to detach ourselves from it.

When we become very attached to some object, some person, some place, and our speed of mind becomes very fast. Because the more attachment we have, we will think about it more and think more continuously, and this is why our mind becomes disturbed. At the same time all the peace of our mind and life is over.

So attachment is the name of the melody and detachment is the name of stoicism / a quiet place.


If we are able to follow both these things of Lord Krishna, then the practice of ordering the mind rather than taking orders from the mind has to be practiced. And which we have to do continuously and daily.

And the second thing, whatever thoughts disturb our peace of mind, brings unrest in our mind, we have to detach our mind from those thoughts. If we have done both these things, then having faith in our mind will always remain peace and tranquility in our life.

Hope you loved this post on How to Control Your Mind | Peace of Mind, by Motivational Speech. 

Be calm! Be relaxed! And keep practicing!

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